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Take a workshop with us and discover your inner artist!


... for the Indigenous Sea and Exotic Enthusiast!

Take a class with artist, Cindy Schafhirt. Her inspiration comes from the:
Hawaiian, California and Mississippi Gulf Coast's.

Her art is organic in nature and she offers classes of many art interests.

"May your hands be an extension of your heart and may you do the work of love with them." - Claude Monet

Take a class or workshop with us and create with mediums such as:

  • Recycled Hand Blown Glass
  • Acrylic and Water Color Paint
  • Canvas
  • Pouring Medium
  • Woolen Fiber
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Pottery Clay
  • Glazes
  • Wax
  • Soponified Oils and Fragrances
  •  Art classes in Biloxi 
  • Art workshops in Biloxi
  • Makana Art Studio in Biloxi

Be Creative and Learn How to Sew

We are makers and artists, just like you! If you have a creative energy and want to learn how to sew your own clothes, take a class with us where we work with you one-on-one at your own pace.  You will learn how to:

* Sew on a sewing machine safely
* Sewing machine needle sizes for various types of fabric
* Sewing machine feet differences and what they are used for
* Load a bobbin
* Thread a sewing machine
* Change out a needle
* Keep your sewing machine clean and in good working order.
* Select a pattern based on skill level
* Read pattern fabric and notion selection
* Gauge your measurements for patterns
* Pattern and fabric lay-outs
* Apply pattern instructions
* Tips and tricks to save you fabric and time sewing
* Plus more... 

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